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smu college prep program

This September 19 webinar was given for the SMU College Prep program and provides a 1-hour overview of “Personal Finance Essentials for College Bound Students.” Topics covered include student loans, safe credit card usage and creating a college budget. 

Mini Money Lessons

My $1600 emergency

We had to spend $1600 on a car repair last week and it reminded me of the importance of an emergency fund! Emergencies come along much more regularly than we’d like to think – these things can easily take you off course financially. So, it’s best to budget for them, in an “emergency fund” to be ready when unexpected expenses pop up!

My 3-step budgeting process

Here’s how I set my budget! This 3-step process will help you figure out where your money is going right now and help get your spending in line with what’s truly important to you in your life.

How the library saves you money

I’m the world’s biggest fan of the public library! It has saved me boatloads of money, helped divert materials from landfills and kept clutter out of the house. Oh, and also has helped me fully give in to my love of flipping through beautiful (but expensive!) cookbooks.

your clutter used to be money

The clothes and shoes and all the clutter that you’re desperately trying to clear out…. all of that used to be money! I read a blog post a while back that put this idea in my head and it’s stuck with me.

The Only 2 numbers you need

Personal finance really does come down to two numbers – once you know these, you can get started down the path of saving and budgeting and working towards your financial goals!

What my gym taught me about money

My gym (and some tank tops) taught me about savings towards a long-term goal.


Book review: the latte factor

A few takeaways from David Bach’s quick read “The Latte Factor.”


More webinars coming soon!