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Live Classes

I offer live classes designed for college-bound students, current college students and recent college grads, all with the goal of teaching personal finance basics along with practical, real-world skills that can be put into use immediately! Sign up below to join my email list and hear about upcoming classes.

Recent class topics covered include: 

  • Using a credit card responsibly
  • Building your first college budget
  • Understanding the cost of college
  • Paying for college
  • Setting up your own bank accounts
  • Financial goal-setting

Recorded webinars

Access a library of recorded webinars from past classes as well as a number of other topics. Sign up below to learn when the webinar library goes live!

Coming Soon! 

Private coaching

Are you looking for one-on-one coaching to learn personal finance basics to feel more comfortable managing your money? I’d love to talk more with you, and work with you on any number of topics. Whether you’d like to set up your college budget, or start saving for a big goal, or just learn some of the money basics you wish you had been taught in school, I’d love to work with you!


Answers to your questions and some more info!

From the time students graduate high school till the time they graduate college, students are making some of the biggest financial decisions of their whole lives. Everything from where they go to college, to how they pay for it to their major, and career path and even their daily spending decisions, students are making money choices that have very long-term consequences. 

But – we’re asking students to make these choices without fully understanding these choices and their consequences! Some basic personal finance teaching on concepts like loans and interest, budgeting, credit cards and financial goal-setting can help steer students away from making choices that they’ll be (literally) paying for, for decades to come. 

I offer live classes and private coaching on a range of topics!

Key topics I teach on include safe credit card usage, building a budget, paying for college, financial goal setting, opening up a bank account, and learning about investing.

Coming soon is a library of recorded webinars on a wide range of topics relevant to students. Shoot me a note on the contact page if you’d like to be kept in the loop when the webinar library goes live!

I post regularly on my blog as well as over on my Instagram page!

Shoot me a note through the contact page, and I’ll keep you posted when new classes go live!

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