Recent Work

Below are summaries and some excerpts from some recent work that I've done. Please take a look, and get in touch if I can answer any questions!

The Table Home Co. 

The Situation

Caroline is a very active and talented DIY-er, focusing on woodworking projects, renovations in her home and home DIY projects with a strong design element. She posts about her projects on Instagram but has not taken steps to monetize her skills or her content. Her main focus was wanting to understand how to generate revenue from her skills, her content and her social media following. 


The Solution 

After meeting with Caroline to understand her business, and her growth goals, I completed a competitive landscape analysis, a plan around her potential revenue streams, an analysis of revenue potential as well as a detailed next steps plan. My report for her centered around these areas: 

Competitive Landscape Analysis: Since the world of DIY blogging is a crowded one, I outlined strategies on how to identify a very specific customer niche and how to directly target that niche. 

Revenue Streams: Provided recommendations on revenue streams and analyzed the investment and effort required for each revenue streams and weighed those against the revenue potential 

Next Steps: Created a detailed next steps plan that outlines how to proceed with these ideas and how to begin the process of monetizing her skills. 

Midnight Cinemas

The Situation

Jesssica owns Midnight Cinemas, a backyard movie theater company that handles the equipment as well as setup, teardown (and popcorn!) so families, corporate groups or community groups can enjoy an outdoor movie night. 


The Solution

After meeting with Jessica to understand the current state of her business, her goals and the current challenges she is facing in her business, she pointed out that her biggest questions were whether her pricing was competitive and what competitors were doing. My report for her included: 

Competitive Analysis - An in-depth analysis of the services and pricing that both local and national competitors were using 

Pricing Analysis - A review of her current pricing structure and a recommendation of how to adjust both her pricing and her offerings in order to shift to a more a la carte model, which increases options for the customer as well as profitability for her

Marketing Tactics - Recommended strategies to utilize in order to build her brand and expose her company to a new set of Customers 

Customer Acquisition - Recommended tactics to target specific customer groups 

Future Growth Strategies  - Plan on how to scale her business to generate additional revenue but also to create passive income streams 

Discovery Session

The Situation

Jacob works full-time in a sales organization in a Fortune 500 company and while he continues to succeed in his role, he wants to start a side business outside of work. He also has a new baby at home so while the extra money from another income stream would be welcome, he is looking for something that is flexible in terms of hours and time commitment. 


The Solution 

Jacob and I spent time talking through his natural skills as well as his corporate career and the skillset he has developed in the corporate sphere. We talked as well about his hobbies, passions and goals for generating side income. Our follow-up conversation as well as Jacob's personalized report discussed the common threads and patterns that run through his hobbies, skills and corporate career and I made a recommendation for a side business that utilizes these skills and fits into his desire for flexibility in time commitment. The report concludes with a detailed action plan describing how to take the next steps to turn this idea into an income-generating project. 

Pet Apparel Business

The Situation

Dani is the proud owner of a black goldendoodle and saw an underserved market in the pet apparel business that is directed at goldendoodle owners. She was looking to validate her concept and learn more about the market opportunity before proceeding and investing in creating product prototypes. 


The Solution

My work for her analyzed the market size and market trends around pets and related spending. It also included a competitive landscape analysis, noting where there are opportunities due to some underserved areas of the pet spending market. 

The report concluded with some recommendations on next steps, and how to proceed in a way that minimized initial investment but allowed for further validation of the idea and product concepts. 

Private Chef Business

The Situation

A Dallas-based private chef was looking for analysis on the competitive landscape as well as recommendations on how to add additional revenue streams in order to diversify her income. 


The Solution

My report analyzed the competitive landscape of other private chef services in the Dallas area, including a comparison of services offered as well as pricing. I also provided five recommendations on additional revenue streams that she could pursue, with the guidance to first choose one of these revenue streams in order to test and learn without taking on too much at once. 
The report concluded with some actionable recommendations around an online presence, customer acquisition and how to generate repeat business as well as encourge referral business from past customers.