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So many of us want to start a side hustle for a wide range of reasons - for some extra money to pay down debt, or to have a creative outlet, or just to build something that belongs completely to you!
It's easy to get bogged down in the idea stage, and many of us just need an extra nudge and some encouragement to take our idea and turn it into a money-making project!
Whether it's helping you figure out what kind of side hustle would be right for you, or helping analyze the revenue potential of your idea or putting together detailed next steps for your specific business idea, I would love to partner with you to move your idea out of the brainstorming stage and into the real world. I'd love for you to take a look at some of my recent work, and keep reading below about how we can work together!

My Story

Hey there! My name is Libby Magliolo and I'm passionate about helping others turn their ideas into a income-generating business!


After I got my MBA, I started my post-graduate career in management consulting working with Fortune 100 companies on strategic planning, market research & analysis and executive-level reporting.


I have spent my career doing strategic planning work for billion-dollar companies and have always wondered why there isn't high level consulting services for the entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs out there.


My goal is to take my knowledge and experience that I have gained from the corporate world and put those skills to work and partner with you out there who would like to turn their business idea into a reality!


My passion and my skill set is research, competitive landscape analysis, road map creation, but mainly to help people see the opportunity and potential in their ideas and partner with them to make that idea a reality.

What I Offer

My offerings to partner with you to help you get your side hustle off the ground.

Discovery Session

A 60-minute session that is focused on identifying strengths, passions and skills in order to identify what type of side hustle would be right for an individual. The 60-minute session is followed up by a personalized report that details what side hustle is a good fit for your strengths and skills and a plan on how to get started with that business.

Market Analysis & Business Viability Report

For those who have identified at least a general idea of the business you would like to pursue, this report analyzes the viability of that idea, generates ideas for revenue streams and provides a roadmap on next steps.

Customer Success

What people say

I have known Libby for years, and she has always blown me away with her ability to build a strategic and actionable business plan. When I was looking to start my own business, I wasn't exactly sure where to start. I knew I had a love for building things, but I didn't know how to translate that into a business that would create revenue. Libby worked with me to help me define a niche and create a business plan with recommendations I could easily implement. Libby is incredibly talented, business minded, and has a unique ability to understand you, your future business, and the competitive landscape. Using Libby will help propel your business into a revenue generating machine!

Caroline Snavely Caroline Snavely Founder, The Table Home Co.

I met Libby a few years ago, and she instantly felt like a mentor and friend whose opinion I trusted. I knew I wanted to create a side business (because future stay-at-home-mom dream) but wasn’t sure if I even had a true idea. Libby helped research the competitive landscape for the market I was wanting to target, and offered business recommendations and next steps that I could take to pursue this idea. I highly recommend working with Libby if you are wanting to explore what business plan would be right for you or if you already have an idea but need some help figuring out where to start!

Dani BoylesDani BoylesFounder, The Black Doodle Co.

Head over to the "Recent Work" page to read through some of the other work I've done lately.

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