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While PowerPoint is just one vehicle to tell a story, it remains the Predominant Presentation Tool in corporate America. It tends to be how information is transmitted from one party to another.

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Customized PowerPoint Templates with detailed walkthrough instructions

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I’m grateful for the chance to have worked with wonderful companies and groups and appreciate the kind words shared by attendees and customers!



This session was incredibly beneficial. The knowledge I gained today will support me with presentations in my future. Thank you!

Southwest Airlines Intern

Phenomenal explanation on how to present. Loved every bit of the lecture. Time flew away very fast when she was talking. Awesome experience!

Southwest Airlines Intern


    Hi! I’m Libby. A bit about me: After completing my MBA with a concentration in Finance, I started my post-graduate career in Big 4 management consulting, with PwC. Working as a management consultant is the absolute best training possible in learning how to create attractive, compelling executive-level stories, and present those stories in an often high-pressure situation.

    Since then, I’ve spent the last decade in roles including corporate strategy & planning as well as corporate training and development. The one thing I’ve had to do the most in my career is give executive-level presentations, as well as prepare the visual element of that presentation, usually in PowerPoint.

    I’m excited to partner with you in that process of learning how to create and deliver compelling presentations. It’s a skill that will supercharge your career and set you apart!

    Why is this important?

    Cut down your prep time on your next presentation.

    Don’t start your next presentation from a blank slide – use a template!

    Feel prepared and ready to rock your next powerpoint presentation.

    Learn the best practices to give a compelling presentation to any audience.

    Learn the questions you need to ask before giving any presentation.

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    Corporate Training Information

    I offer training sessions on a range of topics including PowerPoint slide design and executive presentation techniques. Please get in touch and submit your contact information in the form to the right to learn more about scheduling a training session.  Some of the sessions I offer: